A Guide To Paleo Flours

While the Paleo diet advocates eating primarily grass-fed meats, vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, nuts and seeds, you can still enjoy baked treats like cookies, cakes and pies from time to time.  When you’re switching over from wheat based flours to flours that fit Paleo diet there can be a learning  curve.  With patience and practice you will discover your groove.


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When we begin the Paleo diet, many of us want to be able to recreate our favorite, gluten-filled baked goods in a way that’s going to fit with our new, healthy lifestyle…and that involves changing the type of flour we use!

This fantastic article discusses the three most popular Paleo flours, detailing how to use them and revealing which recipes they work best with. Grain-free baking may require a little experimentation but creating the perfect recipe definitely makes it worth while!

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A Guide To Paleo Flours