The Healthiest Ice Cream EVER!

I hesitate to call this The Healthiest Ice Cream Ever, because maybe someone’s going to make kale and bone marrow ice cream. But, as much as I’d give it a whirl, I doubt it’d please your palate – and your kids – the way this version does. Seriously, my kids refused to stop licking the…

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Paleo Crockpot Apple Sauce

It’s apple season and our farmer’s market is overflowing with the fruit in all different shapes, sizes and colors. It’s funny, but I look forward to apple season so that I can chat with “the apple man.” I’m ashamed to say that I don’t know his name, but he is the sweetest old man who…

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Salted Caramel Chocolate Raspberry Chia Pudding

Doesn’t this dessert seem very Valentine’s Day-ish? It has chocolate and the color red in it, so it’s totally Valentine’s day decor. I think I’ll probably eat something chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Meaning I totally will. But that’s a daily occurrence. Valentine’s day is this week, right? I don’t really care too much since I…

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Coffee Cake Banana Bread

Say what?? I want to eat this all day. No seriously. I almost did yesterday. Get A FREE Paleo Cookbook With Over 80 Fat Burning Paleo Recipes Shipped Straight To Your Door – Get Your Free Copy Of “Paleo Eats” Here You’ll definitely go banana’s for this delicious coffee cake! Topped with cinnamon, sugar and pecans,…

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Paleo Fruit Cobbler

When I got married I thought I registered for everything I could possibly need in my kitchen for the rest of my life. 5 years down the road, and with a complete overhaul on the way I cook, I have been in desperate need of some new kitchen weapons. I’ve recently been acquiring a new…

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